Winnie Mandela: Victims' families accuse Winnie of killings, assault and abduction

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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission says Ms Mandela is being questioned on 18 "issues". However, complaints from alleged victims' families and claims from former associates seeking amnesty are believed to implicate her in eight murders and 12 assaults and abductions.

Some TRC commissioners are reported to have said that the resulting subpoena reads like the "script for a horror movie".

Ms Mandela is expected to be questioned about the deaths of the following people:

Stompie Seipei Moketsi was found with his throat slit in 1989, aged 14. Ms Mandela was convicted of kidnapping Stompie in 1991. Her bodyguard Jerry Richardson was convicted of his murder. Former football club member Katiza Cebekhulu has since claimed he saw Ms Mandela stab Stompie. Richardson, slavishly devoted to Ms Mandela, whom he called "Mummy", has now claimed Ms Mandela gave the order to kill. A former friend of Ms Mandela who provided her with an alibi for Stompie's killing has since withdrawn it.

Dr Abu Baker Asvat was shot during a "robbery" at his surgery. Nicholas Dlamini, convicted of the murder, now claims he was hired by Ms Mandela to kill the doctor.

Kuki Zwane, whom Richardson now says he murdered on Ms Mandela's orders. There are claims Ms Mandela wanted to be rid of Ms Zwane because she was having a child by a team member with whom Ms Mandela was infatuated.

Finki Msomi, 13, shot at point-blank range during a football-club attack on her cousin, who had refused to join it. Her aunt, Dudu Chili, a Soweto community worker, says the Mother of the Nation was the murderer of the nation.

By law today's hearing is held in private, though Ms Mandela insists she has nothing to hide. There is speculation that the ANC fears that if Ms Mandela goes down she will take others with her. President Mandela last week denied he helped cover up his ex-wife's part in Stompie's murder by arranging for Cebekhulu to leave the country before her trial.