Woman in Army HIV scare seeks apology after test proves `negative'

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One of two women at the centre of an Aids alert at one of the Army's biggest bases said yesterday that tests had proved she was free of the HIV virus.

Lindsey Griffiths, 19, said that in the light of the blood test results she was demanding an apology from the Army. The deputy commander of Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire, Colonel Neil Donaldson, had given a warning to troops of a significant risk to their health from "females known to be liberal with their affections to soldiers", and believed to be HIV positive.

Yesterday, the Army issued a statement saying that the identity of the women was not known to it, nor had it speculated on their identity.

It added: "The Army has a duty of care to warn its soldiers of possible health risks and hence issued confidential and written warnings. The welfare of soldiers is a priority and it is for that reason the statement was issued."

Ms Griffiths, who says she has a steady boyfriend, said: "I think an apology is the least they owe me after what I have been put through. I never thought I had the virus but once the rumour starts people will believe anything."