Women students miss out on firsts

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WOMEN WORK harder than men at universities and get better end- of-year results, but still fail to get as many coveted first-class degrees, according to a new study.

Female undergraduates are more likely to turn up to lectures and tutorials, and hand in more of their essays, according to a two-year study by academics at the University of Sussex.

The survey of 265 students found women scored five per cent better in their exams. Over all results, however, show while women get the most upper-second degrees, men still do better in the elite first-class category.

Researchers Dr Ruth Woodfield and Professor Pete Saunders found women were more likely to be hard working and willing to study. But that might hold them back. "Academics often say things like `she did everything right but there just wasn't the extra element of flair'," Professor Saunders said. "They may be perceived as missing the maverick element needed for the best marks."