Woodward a `duplicitous monster', says lawyer

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LOUISE WOODWARD has been called a liar and a "duplicitous monster" by the American lawyer who earlier this week was said to have disclosed that she believed the British nanny guilty, it was reported last night.

According to accounts of a secretly taped conversation between Elaine Whitfield-Sharp, and a friend, Woodward has been secretly negotiating a book contract and a newspaper deal, said to be with the Daily Mail. She is also described as a "pain in the ass."

Ms Whitfield-Sharp, 44, allegedly said on the tape, disclosed to the Mirror newspaper: "I don't want to be part of this. I don't want any more trouble with Louise Woodward than I have already got. I have to tell you that when this is over, I want to quit."

She was "flabbergasted" at moves to sell stories. "The agreement was ... that the Woodwards would never make any money on this at all. I find it a little strange when people have already contributed money in Britain that they are taking pounds 40,000."

Yesterday, United States police ordered an investigation into the arrest of Ms Whitfield-Sharp, who was the on the legal team that represented Woodward at her trial for murder of baby Matthew Eappen. The lawyer reportedly admitted to a policeman, who stopped her for drink driving, that Woodward, 20, was guilty of the manslaughter.

Yesterday, Ms Whitfield-Sharp said at her home, near Boston, where Woodward has been staying while awaiting the outcome of her appeal, that she was not drunk but had a seizure because of medication. There were also unconfirmed reports last night that Woodward has left Ms Whitfield-Sharp's home.

Supporters of Miss Woodward have rejected the allegations.