Woodward cautious on `old injury evidence'

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LOUISE WOODWARD reacted with "caution" yesterday to claims of new evidence that could clear her name. The former au pair's legal team appeared wary of information from her ex-attorney, Elaine Whitfield Sharp, which would support defence claims that Matthew Eappen, the baby in her care, died of an old injury.

Ms Woodward, 21, who spent 279 days in a US jail awaiting trial for second- degree murder, later reduced to manslaughter, is studying law. Her solicitor Paul Barrow said: " The watchword, as always, is caution."

Ms Whitfield Sharp claims two witnesses saw the eight-month-old boy fall from a toy shop trolley while out with his father before his death in 1997. The district attorney, who prosecuted the case, said that was investigated and "is not credible".