Woodward's parents deny forging bill

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THE PARENTS of Louise Woodward last night denied claims that they faked an invoice for more than pounds 9,000 for accommodation expenses in America.

Susan and Gary Woodward allegedly submitted a bill from Louise's former lawyer Elaine Whitfield Sharp and her husband Dan for living expenses at their home to the defence fund fighting for their daughter.

The Whitfield Sharp's say the Woodward's stayed for free and they did not draw up the invoice.

The Woodward's British lawyer, Paul Barrow, said yesterday: "That statement of account was handed to the Woodwards by the Whitfield Sharps and any allegations of impropriety are absolutely denied by the Woodwards.

"As far as my clients are concerned that is the end of the matter. Sue is more worried about her daughter than this nonsense."

Mr Whitfield Sharp said they were not accusing anyone of fraud, but were reacting to accusations made against them.

Andrew Miller, Labour MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston, said: "What we are seeing is another twist in the continuing saga aimed at damning the Woodward family. It is black propaganda and needs to be killed on that basis."

The trustees of the Woodward defence fund are expected to meet to discuss the matter today.