World Cup 2014 Video: Mexican Warlock claims magic will play 'big part' in tournament

Video: During ritual to ensure his team's victory, 'Grand Warlock' also blamed sorcery for Ronaldo's latest injury

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A Mexican warlock has warned of magic’s “big part” in the World Cup tournament, blaming Ronaldo’s injury on sorcery and performing a special ritual to ensure his nation's victory.

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Warlock Antonio Vazquez said: “We completely blocked the team of Cameroon so they can’t do any damage with their sorcery and rituals.

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“We completely blocked them but we want them to play football, and we want Mexico to play football too.”

The video shows ‘Warlock’ Vazquez and three female sorcerers performing a supernatural ritual with what looks suspiciously like a bottle of cleaning spray on the table - along with more traditional occult accoutrements.

He claims magic has a "big part" to play in football, even hinting Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury may be the result of malevolent sorcery.

“What Ronaldo had on his leg, and I hope he’s better, was caused by sorcery.” Mr Vazquez claimed, before continuing: “He asked who could cure him, and said he can’t play because he doesn’t feel well.”

Even with all this extra help, the warlock is sanguine about Mexico’s chances overall. Although Mexico will defeat Cameroon and advance to the quarter finals, he predicts Brazil will ultimately triumph.

Mr Vazquez, Mexico’s self-proclaimed ‘Grand Warlock’, has been working his magic since the 1960s with admittedly mixed results.

In 2008 he predicted the imminent death of Britney Spears and in the run-up to Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012 claimed the President would lose the race.

However, he's experienced some limited success, correctly predicting the weakening of the Euro and the return of a recession in developed nations.