World Cup winner to part with medal

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World Cup hero George Cohen explained yesterday why he had decided to part with the medal he won for England's 1966 triumph over West Germany.

The former England full back's agent, Dave Davies, said the proceeds of the sale of the medal would boost Cohen's pension fund. "The medal at the moment is sitting in a bank collecting dust and George, after discussion with his wife, feels if it is to be sold then this is the year to sell it. The money obtained from the medal will go to increase his pension fund ... It's not meant to cause insult to the English football-loving public or the Queen who presented it to him."

Neither was his decision to sell any reflection upon the value he placed on his cherished memories, said Mr Davies.

"Playing for England in the 1960s was the greatest, the final was the greatest day of his life and it was a real honour for him."

Cohen, 57, can expect to net between pounds 60,000 and pounds 80,000 when the medal is sold at Christie's in Glasgow on 20 June, 10 days after this year's finals kick off in France. The sale is expected to set a world record at auction. The former Fulham player is the first team member to sell his medal and decided to speak out after his motives were questioned following Christie's announcement of the sale.