World: Jewish millionaire insists Jerusalem settlers stay put

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To the triumphant sound of a ram's horn, an American Jewish millionaire yesterday visited the Jewish settlement he is bankrolling in Arab east Jerusalem in defiance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In Gaza, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat sounded a warning of a "very negative reaction" unless Israel swiftly resolved the crisis over the takeover by Jewish settlers of two buildings in the Ras al-Amoud neighbourhood.

But settlers showed no signs of budging from their new enclave just outside the walled Old City of Jerusalem and rejected a compromise offer from Mr Netanyahu to quit the site temporarily and leave behind a token presence.

Miami-based magnate Irving Moscowitz responded to the proposal by petitioning Israel's High Court of Justice to tie Mr Netanyahu's hands by issuing a temporary order banning him from evicting the families. A court spokeswoman said a judge would hold a hearing on the matter today. Reuters