100-year-old lobster saved

Worcester, Massachussets (AFP) - Sympathetic cooks and journalists saved an 100-year-old lobster from the pot and chauffeured him to a museum fish tank in Massachussets.

The lobster - estimated by his weight to be a century old - was bought at a fish market in Boston by Coral Seafood. The restaurant bought the giant-clawed crustacean hoping to save it from ending up on a plate.

A crew from a local television station noticed the 18-lb, 30-inch monster and contacted the New England Science Center, which agreed to clean up a stately 400-gallon fish tank.

On Thursday, waiters from the restaurant took the lobster to its new home by limousine.

'He's definitely the biggest thing we've got around here - not counting the polar bears,' said Martha Flint, at the Science Center.