A bigger splash

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A bigger splash

"ONE team, one country. . . the rainbow nation . . ." Stadiums full of Afrikaners shouting "Viva Mandela!" . . . Yes, sure, OK. But wicked old Africa is still there just below the surface. Without further comment let me reprint part of a letter that came blowing towards this desk:

"Anyway, when I got back to the hotel, a rogue bull elephant had smashed through the fence, crushed two servants and generally bashed the place up . . . the owner, pissed off I expect that two of his best blacks had been 'wafered', got out a huge gun and shot the elephant, which then fell into the swimming pool, staining the water a brilliant crimson. When I got back to the hotel there they were, trying to work out how to get a crane to remove the corpse . . ." Viva!