Accused terrorist sells recipes to pay legal bills

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AN AMERICAN woman who is accused of being a former revolutionary is selling a cookery book to raise money to defend herself against charges of attempted murder.

Sara Jane Olson, of St Paul, Minnesota, has released Serving Time: America's Most Wanted Recipes. The cover shows Mrs Olson - formerly Kathleen Ann Soliah and allegedly a former member of the Symbionese Liberation Army - standing in a target and holding handcuffs and a spatula. "We just thought it would be fun," she remarked while signing copies at a bookshop on Saturday.

Mrs Olson allegedly planted pipe bombs under two Los Angeles police cars in 1975 to avenge the deaths of six SLA members killed in a gun fight. She was indicted the following year but disappeared. She was arrested last summer and will go on trial next year. Mrs Olson, now free on $1m bail, wrote the cookery book during the weeks she spent in jail. (AP)