Afghanistan governor dies as car explodes

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PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN (AP) - A bomb exploded yesterday in a car carrying the governor of Afghanistan's eastern Paktia province, killing Nasrullah Mansouri and four others on a road south of Kabul, Afghan officials said. 'We only know that there was an explosion that destroyed the car he was driving,' said Ahmed Mohammedi, a spokesman for Mr Mansouri's Islamic Revolutionary Party. He said sketchy information indicated a bomb in the car went off while the group travelled near Gardez, about 60 miles from Kabul.

A senior party member, Zabto Khan, and three bodyguards also died, said Mr Mohammedi, whose father heads the Islamic Revolutionary Party, one of 10 main rebel groups that fought for 14 years to end Communist rule in Afghanistan. 'Mansouri had a lot of enemies. We don't know who is behind the killing,' said Mr Mohammedi.

Last year, Mr Mansouri was kidnapped by the rebel chief Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and later released after paying a ransom.

Turkey closed its embassy in Kabul yesterday.