Britons hurt in Kenya bus crash

Vehicle veered off the road and capsized

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A group of up to 15 Britons were in a bus crash today in Kenya, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

The bus veered off the road and capsized as it headed to the Moi international airport in Mombasa.

It tumbled down a 16 foot drop before ending up on its side in the lane for traffic coming the opposite way.

Mark Bizley, who was travelling behind the coach, told BBC Radio Solent: "Its wheels lost grip on the tarmac and it started to snake.

"I could see the driver was really struggling to keep the vehicle straight. His right-hand wheels went over the edge of the tarmac and as soon as the wheels left the road the bus rolled.

"That side of the coach stopped snaking and the forward momentum turned the bus over and it rolled down the embankment into the other carriageway, which was busy."

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "There has been a coach crash that we are aware of. We believe there are British nationals involved, and there are some injuries.

"We are sending staff there now and we'll have more details later.

"Indications are the injuries are not life-threatening but we won't know for certain until our people are on the scene."