Cecil the lion: Zimbabwean authorities investigating second American tourist over another 'illegal lion hunt'

A second, unrelated hunt is alleged to have taken place in April

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A second American tourist is being investigated by authorities in Zimbabwe over allegations he killed a lion in an illegal hunt earlier this year, it has emerged.

Authorities have revealed details of the investigation after international outcry was provoked when an American dentist killed, skinned and beheaded Hwange Park’s Cecil the lion.

They say that a second American was involved in a similar incident some months ago in Spring. A Zimbabwean landowner named Headman Sibanda was arrested in the case and is assisting police with their investigation.

The case is not believed to have been connected to that of Walter Palmer. Local authorities are seeking his extradition, alleging that he did not have authorisation to kill the animal. It is reported that Cecil was lured out of Hwange Park and then killed. Two Zimbabweans have been arrested and face charges in relation to the case.

Yesterday the country’s wildlife authority said that it has suspended the hunting of lions, leopards and elephants in the Hwange area. Bow and arrow hunts can now only be approved by the head direction of the wildlife authority.