'Dead' Gaddafi son shown on TV

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Libyan state television has broadcast images of a man it said was Muammar Gaddafi's youngest son, Khamis, undercutting rebel claims he was killed in an airstrike.

The images come as the rebel National Transitional Council grapples with the fallout from the killing of its top military chief, Abdel Fatah Younes, possibly by other rebels.

The rebels had claimed on Friday that Khamis Gaddafi was killed in a Nato strike on the western frontline town of Zlitan – a report that Tripoli dismissed as an attempt to deflect attention from Younes's killing and civilian casualties.

Khamis Gaddafi's appearance at a Tripoli hospital, if genuine, would be the first time he has been seen in public since the reports of his death. The younger Gaddafi was shown visiting several people wounded in a Nato airstrike.

Younes's body was found two weeks ago, dumped outside the rebel's de facto eastern capital, Benghazi, along with the bodies of two aides. They had been shot and their bodies burned.