Democratic Republic of Congo: 37 die in ethnically motivated massacre


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At least 37 people are thought to have been killed in an attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo, reports have said.

Eight children and 18 women are believed to be among the victims of the massacre that was carried out early on Saturday morning in the country’s eastern province, just south of Kivu.

Victims had been shot, stabbed or burnt to death according to witness reports from the scene.

South Kivu's Interior Minister Jean-Julien Miruho told Agence France Presse news agency that the attack had likely been revenge for cattle raids.

However, others believe it could have been ethnically motivated, with all the victims being of Bafuliru descent.

The region is in a constant state of conflict between the Bafuliru and Barundi communities. These tensions have intensified over the past few months and it is believed the killings could be linked to this.

South Kivu governor Marcellin Cishambo confirmed the attack, but gave a lower estimate of 27 for the number of dead.


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