Egypt protester killed outside Cabinet building


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An Egyptian demonstrator was killed this morning outside the country's Cabinet building, where protesters have camped overnight to prevent the entrance of the country's newly-appointed prime minister, witnesses and a medical official said.

The death came as a wave of protests against military rule was given extra impetus by the Egyptian military's decision yesterday to appoint a prime minister who served under deposed President Hosni Mubarak. 

Hundreds gathered outside the Cabinet to prevent Prime Minister Kamal el-Ganzouri from entering to take up his new post, and clashed with security forces who tried to disperse them. 

An Associated Press cameraman saw three police troop carriers and an armoured vehicle being chased off by rock-throwing protesters. The security forces fired tear gas in return before leaving the site. 

The medical official confirmed that one protester was killed. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. Video clips posted on social networking sites showed protesters rushing to rescue a heavily bleeding man. Witnesses say the protester was killed when a police vehicle ran over him. 

Officials say more than 40 people have been killed across the country since 19 November, when a small sit-in by protesters injured during the spring uprising was violently broken up by security forces. 

Thousands of protesters have filled Tahrir Square, a few blocks from the Cabinet building, throughout the eight days.  AP