Enraged giraffe chases safari jeep for two miles


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Footage has emerged online of the dramatic moment an angry giraffe went on the rampage, terrifying a group of tourists.

The two-and-a-half tonne animal approached them quietly but soon became irritated, belligerently persuing the group and ramming the jeep. As the 13ft beast continued to give chase, a man can be heard saying: "Maybe now is the point to radio for help?"

The animal followed them for around two miles until the group were able to get back to camp and assess the damage done to their vehicle. They discovered that the 13ft giraffe had taken off a wing mirror and damaged the front of the jeep but luckily none of the people in the car were harmed.

Although giraffes are generally docile and tend to run if they are nervous, they can turn aggressive if they feel sufficiently threatened. It is thought that the male giraffe in this instance was suffering from a hormonal imbalance.