First victim planned a new life in Australia

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While Britain is reeling from the aftermath of terror attacks across London, fears of families of the missing in Egypt continue to escalate. Ten British people remain missing and are being described as of "particular concern", one is confirmed dead and several others are seriously injured.

Most of the missing were at or near the Ghazala Gardens Hotel in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh when it was hit by one of three bombs early on Saturday morning. A total of 88 people died.

Keri Davies, 29, from Fareham in Hampshire and his American-born partner, Kristina Miller, 26, both died at the hotel, according to his father, Steven Davies, last night. The family received confirmation of the deaths of the couple yesterday morning.

Mr Davies said: "We feared the worst. But hearing the news still rips something out of you. It was only a couple of days since his birthday and they were just days from emigrating. They had their futures in front of them. "

Mr Davies said that he was intending to fly to Egypt as soon as possible to join Ms Miller's family to bring the bodies home. The couple worked for an internet betting company, Canbet, in Fareham and were emigrating to Australia as part of the company's relocation scheme.

Among those who have not been heard of since the bombings are Lesley Ayers, 50, from Basildon, and her mother Valerie Bracci, 70, from Canvey Island, Essex, who were also staying at the Ghazala Gardens in Naama Bay, which was destroyed by one of the bombs and housed a number of British tourists.

Mrs Ayers' daughter Elizabeth Thein, 25, said: "I have been trying my mum's mobile phone constantly, but it just keeps going through to voicemail. We are so worried about them both and just need to know what has happened to them."

Mrs Bracci's sons have flown out to Egypt to help in the search for them.

Also missing are Jeremy Lakin, 28, from Nottingham and Annalie Vickers, 31, from Northampton, who had been staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel for the previous week. They failed to return from a night out after the attacks. The parents of both were said to be "terribly distressed" and flew out to the resort late on Sunday night to search for their children.

Mr Lakin and Ms Vickers were on a week-long dicing holiday at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. They had gone out in Naama Bay on their last evening and have not been seen since.

The families went straight onto the streets of Sharm el Sheikh to appeal to anyone who had seen or heard from their children, handing out photos in desperation.

The injured Britons include Hannah Lloyd, aged 16, who suffered severe burns and was flown back to the United Kingdom from hospital in Cairo by air ambulance on Sunday night. Her sister, Georgina, 14, is still in hospital in Egypt with serious leg injuries. The two had been staying at the Ghazala Gardens Hotel.

Chris Towler, a policeman from Portsmouth, plucked Hannah Lloyd from the debris of one of the blasts. He said: "Her skin was just falling off in my hands. She was crying and calling for her sister."

Another British man, in his twenties, is also being treated in hospital.

Tony Blair expressed his deepest sympathy for the victims of the bombings yesterday, as more British police family-liaison officers flew out to the resort to help concerned families.

An emergency centre for British tourists was set up at the hotel by consular officials on Sunday.