Four British men arrested in Kenya for 'terrorism offences' after taking pictures of planes at airport

One of the men's brothers said: 'None of them would harm a fly'

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Four Britons have been arrested in Kenya on suspicion of terror offences after taking pictures at an airport, according to reports.

The men were reportedly arrested at Nairobi's Wilson Airport and taken for questioning after sparking the terror alert last Saturday.

The men, named in media reports as Ian Glover, 46, Steve Gibson, 60, Eddie Swift and Paul Abbott, both 47, are said to have been planespotting at the airport.

It is understood they thought they had the permission to do so from an airport official, but were arrested by police and charged with using a mobile phone app to monitor flights and trespassing.

Speaking to The Sun, Mr Swift's brother Peter said: “Eddie and his mates are just chaps who like taking pictures of planes. It’s a very worrying time.”

“It’s blindingly obvious they weren’t doing anyone any harm and weren’t plotting anything. None of them would harm a fly.”

The men were are said to have been detained by the authorities on Monday and have been held since.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “We are in contact with Kenyan authorities following the arrest of four British nationals and are ready to provide consular assistance“.

Photography in airports was banned in Kenya following a massacre at a shopping centre in Nairobi in 2013 that killed 67 people.