ICC lawyer detained in Libya on security concerns


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A Libyan lawyer says authorities have detained a member of an International Criminal Court delegation after she allegedly showed sensitive documents to deposed dictator Moammar Gadhafi's son and former heir apparent Seif al-Islam, who was captured by revolutionary fighters in November.

The lawyer in charge of Seif al-Islam's case, Ahmed Al-Jehani, said Saturday that Melinda Taylor was part of a four-member ICC delegation that was visiting the captive in the mountain town of Zintan.

He says authorities took her camera and recording device before her on Thursday meeting with Seif al-Islam, but that inside she shared documents that they said could harm Libya's national security, including information and drawings that could endanger Libyans living abroad.

Al-Jehani says Taylor is being held in a guesthouse in Zintan where her colleagues are staying. He says she will likely be released some time today.