Kenyan man arrested after boasting on Facebook about sex with underage girl

Kelvin Alfayo claims he 'had sex in a bush' with a girl under the age of 10

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A Kenyan man has been arrested after he allegedly admitted on Facebook to having had sex with a schoolgirl under the age of 10.

Kelvin Alfayo wrote a status on the social network boasting of having “had sex in the bush with a standard four girl”, referring to her year group at school, and posting pictures of the victim.

One of the pictures reportedly showed the child being forced to lift up her shirt for Alfayo, and officers announced they plan to investigate his comments.

The 26-year-old quickly deleted the post but was detained by police after going into hiding in western Bomet County in the south of the country, according to BBC News.

A police spokesman said officers were still attempting to identify the victim involved in the allegations.

Reports of the alleged crime quickly trended on Twitter in Kenya, with users demanding Alfayo be “locked away for life” if the alleged assault was found to have been committed.

Alfayo is due to appear in court on Wednesday, and the case is the latest in a series of high-profile paedophilia crimes committed in Kenya. 

Last month, a member of staff from the Kenya Airports Authority was suspended after he allegedly posted offensive messages on Facebook glorifying sex with underage girls.

Ken Wa Mwangi claimed to be joking when he posted the incriminating status, and later apologised for his actions. But he has now been placed under investigation by local police.