Kenyan soldiers are jailed for looting mall during Westgate attack

Two soldiers have been sacked and jailed for taking goods from the supermarket during the four-day siege

Two Kenyan soldiers have been jailed for looting during the terrorist attack on the Westgate shopping mall, the Kenyan army chief has confirmed.

A third solder is under investigation, after security footage seemed to show them taking goods from the mall supermarket during the four day siege, the BBC has reported. 

Julius Karangi, the army chief, had previously said that the soldiers had only helped themselves to water.

Several shop owners have said their premises were looted during the attack.

Sixty-seven people died in the attack on the upmarket shopping mall when Somali al-Shabab militants stormed the centre on 21 September. Over 200 other were reportedly injured.

Kenyan authorities have since named four men suspected of carrying out the seige, who have all died, with officials initially saying between 10 and fifteen people had committed the attacks.

One of the suspected attackers was named as Norwegian citizen Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow, who is believed to have left his home in the coastal town of Larvik, 75 miles south of Oslo, for Somalia in 2009 and taken part in the attack.

Five others are currently being detained awaiting charges.