Metropolitan Police special constable shot dead in Kenya

Jamal Moghe was sitting in a truck carrying passengers when it was attacked by gunmen

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A British special constable and tireless anti-gun campaigner was killed when a gang of armed men sprayed his vehicle with bullets in Kenya.

Jamal Moghe, 26, was sitting at the front of a truck carrying dozens of passengers when it was attacked by gunmen, according a tour guide from the area who spoke with one of the passengers who survived.

Mr Moghe, from Wembley in north-west London, was reportedly on his first trip back to Africa after leaving Somalia as a child. He was visiting family and was on a charity mission to organise the sending of reconditioned laptop computers to schoolchildren. He worked as a civilian exhibits officer for the police as well as being a volunteer special police officer near to his home.

Mr Moghe, who was married, worked with organisations trying to reduce tensions with the police over tactics such as stop and search.

Mr Moghe was travelling next to the driver of the truck when it came was ambushed by bandits on Sunday. There were conflicting accounts of the attack, with some reports suggesting that attackers stormed the bus, stole from passengers and then singled out Mr Moghe because of his police warrant card.

However, a tour guide, Mohammed Leeresh, who knew people on the truck, said Mr Moghe was killed because of his position at the front of the vehicle. The driver sitting next to him was also killed, he said. “They shot the truck when it was moving.”

“He was tireless. He was always working with the community,” said  Patrick Jacobs, chief executive of Not Another Drop, a community group set up to reduce violent crime.