Mohammed Morsi's lawyer launch appeal against ex-Egyptian president's death sentence

The ex-President was overthrown by Egypt's army in 2013 after coming to power following the fall of Hosni Mubarak

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Ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s legal team have launched an appeal against his prison term and death sentence.

Morsi was overthrown by the country’s army in the summer of 2013 and was sentenced to death in June of this year.

The sentence was passed after he was allegedly involved in mass prison breakouts and was accused of working with foreign militants in a bid to free Islamists during the 2011 uprising in Egypt against then leader Hosni Mubarak, who had ruled for 30 years.

Morsi was also sentenced to life imprisonment for spying on behalf of foreign militant groups.


He had been elected president a year after Mubarak’s departure, but was himself removed by the army in 2013 following mass protests against his rule.

Morsi is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for ordering the arrest and torture of demonstrators.

“We submitted an appeal to the court of cassation to all prisoners sentenced, including Morsi,” his state-appointed legal representative Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsud said, according to The Guardian.

Morsi has not recognised the rulings against him and believes he remains Egypt’s legitimate president.