Oscar Pistorius trial: Video shows Pistorius and Steenkamp kissing and laughing in supermarket

The court was also shown shown a photo of Ms Steenkamp blowing Pistorius a kiss a month before he shot her dead

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The court in the murder trial of Olympic champion Oscar Pistorius was shown intimate footage of the athlete and his late girlfriend Reva Steenkamp kissing at a store, as part of the defence case that the couple enjoyed a loving relationship.

As well as a photo of the model dressed in a hoodie and blowing Pistorius a kiss a month before she died, defence counsel Barry Roux showed Pretoria's High Court CCTV footage of the couple kissing at a supermarket in Pretoria.

Mr Roux noted that the couple often exchanged compliments, messages of affection and said they missed each other.

Police IT expert Captain Francois Moller accessed more than 1,000 exchanges between the couple on Whatsapp and other phone messaging applications, and said 90 per cent of them were loving.

In the footage, the couple appears to smile and chat as they run their errand, and pause to kiss each other.


But chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel argued that the CCTV footage was irrevelant in light of long, emotional arguments that the couple used to have.

On Monday, Pistorius sobbed in court as messages were read out that painted him as jealous and possessive over Ms Steenkamp, whom he and accused of flirting with other men.

As juries are not used in South African trials, Pistorius’ fate will be decided by Judge Masipa, assisted by two assessors.

If Pistorius is found guilty of murdering Miss Steenkamp, he could face life imprisonment.