Rebels threaten violence after Sudan peace talks collapse

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A rebel leader in South Sudan warned that more violence was likely after last week's talks with the government broke down. Hundreds of people have died already this year in clashes between rebel leader George Athor's forces and government troops.

"People must die so we have peace, we have democracy," Mr Athor told journalists gathered in the capital of neighbouring Kenya. "Sacrifices have to be made."

He said representatives from South Sudan's government met him in Kenya last week but did not agree to compensate his people, develop their area, give his group some representation in the government and hold new elections for the country. He said his group would be satisfied with two or three ministerial positions, until new elections. Unless his demands were met, more fighting was likely, he said.

"I believe you cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg or eggs," Mr Athor said. "We have to defend ourselves of course because [the ruling party] SPLM will try to gain ground," he added. AP