Skydiving great-granny continues 100th birthday celebrations by swimming with great white sharks

On Saturday Georgina Harwood took part in a skydive above Cape Town

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Just two days after launching herself out of a plane thousands of metres above Cape Town, adrenaline junkie and centenarian Georgina Harwood took to the waters on Monday to cage dive with great white sharks as part of 100th birthday celebrations.

Clad in a full wetsuit and accompanied by family members including her great-grandson, Harwood entered the cage in the waters off Gansbaai to come face-to-face with one of the natural world’s most terrifying predators. When asked after the dive whether she was happy to see a shark, she replied “Yes, it was the experience of a lifetime.”

Harwood, who was born when Lord Asquith was Prime Minister of Britain and King George V was on the throne, turned 100 on 10 March and has celebrated ever since with a number of thrill-seeking endeavours.

Granny-shark-2.jpg On Saturday, Harwood took part in a skydive above Cape Town, before rounding it off with a celebratory glass of red wine. 

After the jump, Harwood told local media: "It was wonderful, it was exhilarating

"I'm trying to think of adjectives to add but it's difficult - there are so many. It was special."

Harwood’s recent feats are all in order to raise money to buy life jackets for South Africa’s National Sea Rescue Institute.

Harwood hopes to raise more than 20,000 South African rand (£1,087), which will be enough to buy 35 new lifejackets for volunteers.

So far she has raised 9,000ZAR (£450) – enough to buy 16 new lifejackets.

To donate, visit her fundraising site here