Somalia to get millions in rebuilding aid

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Millions of pounds of aid for Somalia is expected to be announced at a major conference in London tomorrow, as politicians seek to break the cycle of violence and start to rebuild the country.

Somalia remains one of the poorest nations in the world. Wracked by civil war and without a central government for more than two decades, it has become a hotbed for terrorism and piracy. Representatives of more than 50 governments and international organisations, including the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the UN Secretary-GeneralBan Ki-moon, will arrive in London tomorrow for an international conference which hopes to prove a catalyst for rebuilding the failed state.

With piracy and terrorism now considered a global security threat, the international community is attempting to fight the root causes of poverty and conflict in the Horn of Africa nation.

Britain is expected to announce a comprehensive package, including a £20m contribution to a new stability fund, which aims to draw areas away from armed violence by supporting the national reconciliation process, local peace deals and community-driven initiatives.

The fund will mean a significant increase in support targeted at the most war-torn areas.