Third crashed Ugandan army helicopter found in Kenya


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Rescuers have found the remaining two Ugandan military helicopters that crashed in Kenya on their way to Somalia on Sunday, but the whereabouts of the crew is still unclear.

Three helicopter gunships disappeared off radar screens as they navigated around the southern edge of Mount Kenya in bad weather. Rescue teams found one of the Russian-made helicopters and airlifted its seven crew from the mountain's forested slopes on Monday. One of them had minor injuries.

The wreckage of a second helicopter was found hanging from trees in forest 11,000ft above sea level, said Bogita Ongeri, a spokesman for Kenya's defence minstry.

The third aircraft has been spotted from the air and appears partially burnt. "We are very optimistic that the occupants may be alive," Mr Ongeri said.

It is not known how three helicopters crashed in the same area at the same time and why it took so long to find the wreckage.