Two-headed calf Sana Saida born in Morocco

Locals have been flocking to see the animal in the city of Fes

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A calf has been born with two heads in a remote area of Morocco. 

Local residents have named the animal Sana Saida, which translates as 'happy new year' in Arabic. The calf was born on 30 December in Sefrou, 20 kilometres from the city of Fes.

Sana is popular with locals who have been flocking to visit her, according to reports. The International Business Times said the calf can eat from both mouths and is healthy.

The calf appears to have been born with a cephalic disorder such as polycephaly, a condition which means having more than one head and is most commonly seen in turtles and snakes.

A two-headed calf, named Sana Saida (Happy New Year in Arabic) is seen in the Moroccan village of Sefrou, 20 kilomtres from the moutainous town of Fez

In March last year, scientists confirmed a shark found off the coast of Florida in 2011 was a single specimen with two heads, rather than conjoined twins. The discovery sent shockwaves through the world of marine biology.

In the same month, a two-headed lamb was born in a remote town in Ghana.

Moroccans flocking to see Sana