Ugandan rioting leaves one dead, 64 wounded

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Soldiers and police fired at rioters who burned tyres in central Kampala yesterday, with at least one person killed as Uganda's growing protest movement reached the capital for the first time.

A Red Cross spokesman said that 15 people had been hit by live bullets.

Battles between protesters and police were also reported elsewhere around the country, including at Kasangati, just outside the capital, home to the country's top opposition leader, Kizza Besigye.

The outburst of violence came one day after an incident involving Mr Besigye. Police broke the window of the opposition leader's vehicle as he tried to take part in a protest against rising food prices.

Security forces doused him with tear gas at close range before then bundling him into the back of a pickup truck and speeding off.

The Red Cross said at least one person was killed and 64 people wounded in yesterday's protests. Police said they were working to contain the demonstrations.

President Yoweri Museveni, Uganda's leader for the past 25 years, has vowed to crack down on the protests.

Official returns show he won 68 per cent of the vote in a presidential election that was held in February. But Mr Besigye claims the returns were falsified and that he and Mr Museveni both got just under 50 per cent.