Video: Lava destroys two villages on Cape Verde island

The volcano on the island of Pogo has been erupting since 22 November

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Incredible images have emerged from one of the Cape Verde islands that show a fresh stream of lava destroying settlements and massive areas of farmland.

The footage captured on Fogo Island, one the southernmost islands in the Cape Verde archipelago, shows two villages destroyed by the molten rock, and several hectares of agricultural land ruined.

The new stream of lava was caused by the latest eruption the island’s largest volcano that has been erupting ever since 22 November. The initial eruption was the first time a volcano has erupted on the island since 1995 and led to the closure of the airport and hundreds of residents having to evacuate their homes.

According to reports, it is one of the biggest eruptions since 1847 when a number of people were killed by earthquakes brought on by the eruption.

Cape Verde consists of a collection of 10 different islands which lie nearly 600km off the coast of north-west Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fogo is one the most southern of these islands and is an active stratovolcano that has seen three different eruptions in the last 100 years.