100-year-old woman says 'booze' has led to long life

Pauline Spagnola celebrated her milestone birthday on Tuesday

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A woman who celebrated her 100th birthday this week has revealed the secret to living such a long life.

And it has nothing to do with healthy eating or exercise as one might first suspect.

Pauline Spagnola, from Luzerne Country in Pennsylvania, told WNEP news station that reaching her milestone birthday was down to drinking “a fair amount of booze”. 

The centenarian celebrated the special occasion with her friends at the Golden Living East Mountain Centre in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

But some do still recommend healthy living for those who want to reach 100. Last month, Dr Lars Wilhelmsen from the University of Gothenburg told the Daily Telegraph: “Our recommendation for people who aspire to centernarianism is to refrain from smoking, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and confine themselves to four cups of coffee a day."