4th of July: Michelle Obama and presidential pets Sunny and Bo wish Americans a happy Independence Day

The two Portuguese water dogs wear American flag accessories in the clip

Michelle Obama and presidential pets Sunny and Bo joined in with Independence Day celebrations in the US on Friday, by posting an adorable video on Vine.

Released via the official White House Vine account at midday on 4 July, the six-second clip shows the First Lady wishing viewers a "happy 4th July".

The shot then pans to the Portuguese water dogs on the floor of the White House, who are dressed in American flag accessories.

All-black Sunny sits happily in her scarf, while the white-and-black furred Bo playfully bats his glasses and baseball cap off his nose.

The video has been watched over 185,000 times since it was posted.

The video comes amid country-wide revelries to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence at a meeting in Philadelphia in 1776.

New York department store Macy’s will host the nation's largest fireworks show.

More than 1,600 shells will be launched per minute during the 25-minute display over the East River. Other major fireworks shows include those in Chicago on Lake Michigan and in San Francisco over the San Francisco Bay.

Fourth of July parades are also planned around the country, with one of the largest, Washington's National Independence Day Parade, kicking off on Constitution Avenue and features marching bands, floats and giant balloons.

Additional reporting by AP