500 children stranded by California thunderstorms and one person killed

Floodwaters and mudflows have left 3,000 people under a ‘shelter in place’ order

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Around 500 children are believed to be stranded in at a church camp in southern California after thunderstorms caused floodwaters to wash out the San Bernardino National Forest, leaving one person dead.

At least 3,000 people in the San Bardino County of California have been issued “shelter in place” orders following the thunderstorms on Sunday, which saw fast-flowing water and mudslides leave the roads damaged and usable.

One person was killed in the Bear Creek community near Mount Baldy, which borders Los Angeles County, after debris swept a car off a roadway and into a swollen creek, the LA Times reports.

In the Mount Baldy area alone, cars were submerged and a family was rescued from their home that was threatened by moving debris and floodwater, while there have been reports of propane tanks exploding.


One woman was rescued from her house in the same area before it was buried in mud, Sky News reports.

The 500 children who became trapped with their chaperones were in the Forest Falls campground and became unable to leave the area when the roads became covered in debris.


San Bernardino County Fire Department Captain Kyle Hauducoeur told KTLA5 that authorities were bringing in bulldozers and other heavy equipment in an attempt to reach the children.

"Our concern is that they're isolated at that campground and no longer have access out of the mountain," he said.

No injuries were reported.

California has been experiencing freak weather of wildfires, lightning and drought in the past week, while 13 homes were destroyed by two wildfires.

San Bernardino County Fire Department tweeted pictures on Sunday of the flood-damaged areas, advising people that the “shelter in place” order was still active, while sharing a photo of food and shelter aid given to stranded campers.