91-year-old man smashes car through garage door as part of bucket list

'It was thrilling to get to do it after all these years'

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Forget running a marathon, sky-diving or swimming with dolphins: one 91-year-old man in Chicago has come up with the ultimate (yet weirdest) activity to do before you die.

Walter Thomas of Woodstock, Illinois, fulfilled a life-long dream this week when he smashed a car through a garage door. The great great grandfather had always wanted to know what the bizarre, movie-like activity would feel like.

With a garage due for demolition, Mr Thomas seized the opportunity, with a SUV being donated to the 91-year-old so that he could reverse it through the garage doors.

Mr Thomas said: "I hit the gas, squealed the tires and bang — we went through the door."

Watch Thomas' bucket list moment:

So what did it feel like after nine decades of waiting?

"It was thrilling to get to do it after all these years which I thought would never happen. It was like breaking a wooden box.

"I don't know what I could do to top it. I'm getting old to top anything. Just live life to the extreme."