911 operator Crystal Morrow saves her own father's life during her first shift

One of her first 911 calls was for her father, who was fighting for his life

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An emergency call operator was forced to save the life of her own father on her first shift at work when she received a call after he went into diabetic shock.

Crystal Morrow had answered approximately 40 calls on her first day as an emergency call operator in Dekalb County, in Georgia, when her aunt rang in and requested help.

Dispatchers are trained to deal with receiving 911 calls from family, but the volume of calls coming in and the number of operators makes the chances of this happening extremely unlikely.

“I heard her voice, and I saw her name pop up on the screen,” Ms Morrow told Fox Atlanta. “I did freeze, my hands froze over the keyboard, but I knew I had to get the call in.”

Ms Morrow then proceeded to issue instructions to her aunt and walk her through the necessary steps while an ambulance was dispatched to her father’s house.

She remained so calm during the phone call that her aunt was unaware that it was her niece on the phone.

“She took the entire call and then she got up after the call and stepped outside,” said Ms Morrow’s colleague, Danielle Harvey.

“I went to check on her and told her to go see about her family.”

Her father has since made a full recovery. “Because of so many people being in the room, I didn’t think I would get the call,” Ms Morrow said. “It’s crazy that I got it on my first day.”