A house fit for a prince drives Donald Trump into second place

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A modest ski lodge it isn't. Fresh on the market on the slopes above Aspen, Colorado, is a house that is bigger and arguably more lavish than the White House.

If the asking price of $135m (£73m) for the house - with 15 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms - seems like a princely sum, there is good reason. The seller is Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Adbul Aziz, who until last year had been Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the US for two decades.

Even Prince Bandar, it seems, recognises when a toy no longer makes sense. Since being appointed head of Saudi Arabia's National Security Council last year, he has been spending less and less time in the US and, according to his estate agent, feels he can no longer justify the Aspen spread.

It means Donald Trump will have to satisfy himself with second place in the sales-price league - his giant Maison de L'Amitie in Palm Beach, Florida, with its own ballroom and 100-foot swimming pool, is on the market for a paltry $125m.

Built for Prince Bandar in 1991, the Aspen ranch offers much that should appeal to that niche of potential buyers with cash piled higher than the mountains that surround it. There are walking trails, streams and ponds on the 95 acres as well as an indoor pool.