Aaron Hernandez: Is former NFL star in even more trouble over illegal tattoo?

Photographs taken in court show him what appears to be new tattoo

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Is Aaron Hernandez in trouble with the authorities once again?

As the former American Football Player appeared in court this week, photographers captured what appeared to a new tattoo on his neck.

The tattoo, located on his neck and partly obscured by the former player’s shit, included the word “lifetime”. But reports say that it is a violation of Massachusetts prison regulations to get a tattoo, to tattoo someone else or to possess tattoo paraphernalia while incarcerated.

The Associated Press said that possible sanctions include disciplinary detention for up to 10 days and loss of a privilege such as television or radio for up to 60 days. The Department of Correction did not respond to calls on Friday morning.

Hernandez was convicted last month in Fall River in the 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd, who was in a relationship with Hernandez’s fiancee’s sister.

The former New England Patriots player was in a Boston courtroom Thursday to be fornally booked on a witness intimidation charge, relating to a another incident – the shooting of his former friend Alexander Bradley.