Aid offers from around the world

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JAPAN $200,000 to the US Red Cross

SINGAPORE Three Chinook helicopters

THAILAND Sent 100 doctors and nurses

SOUTH KOREA $30m plus 50 rescue workers


SRI LANKA $25,000 to US Red Cross.

KUWAIT $500m worth of oil products

QATAR Pledged $100m

BAHRAIN Pledged $5m

CANADA Four ships loaded with relief supplies and 1,000 personnel

RUSSIA Three planes with emergency gear

ROMANIA Medical staff

CUBA Fidel Castro offered 1,100 doctors with 26 tons of medicine

VENEZUELA President Hugo Chavez, a vocal critic of the US, has offered cheap fuel, humanitarian aid and relief workers

MEXICO Fifteen truckloads of supplies and two ships, two helicopters and 15 amphibious vehicles

BRITAIN Sending 500,000 military ration packs, medical experts and engineers

BRUSSELS The United States has asked for first aid kits, blankets, water trucks, and 500,000 prepared meals, the EU executive Commission said

IRAN "The victims have complained about the lack of timely assistance and we are prepared to send our contributions to the people through the Red Crescent," said a foreign ministry spokesman