Airport security staff arrest and use Taser on unarmed man at LAX - video

The man was arrested after police say he 'failed to cooperate with security staff'

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An unarmed man was arrested and stunned with a Taser at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday after he attempted to “push past” security staff.

Authorities at the airport said that staff were made to use force after the unidentified man “failed to cooperate ” as he went through the airport's security screening area.

In a dramatic video captured by another traveller, the man can be seen writhing around in pain on the floor as airport police at him and shout “stay down”. Both men have their weapons drawn as they are filmed apprehending the man.

Sergeant Belinda Joseph of the Los Angeles Airport Police said: “Airport police followed the man and detained him at Gate 66. As he was being taken into custody a use of force occurred involving a Taser.”

Police say the man was not carrying a weapon when he was arrested but is now expected to face charges of trespassing in a sterile area of the airport and restricting, delaying or obstructing a peace officer.

The man was taken to hospital after the incident and received treatment, police confirmed.

An investigation is now underway looking into why the unidentified man decided to run.

Airport authorities confirmed that no flights were delayed following the arrest.

Los Angeles airport staff have tightened security in the airport ever since an attack in November 2013 saw Paul Anthony Ciancia enter its terminal six building with a semi-automatic weapon and kill a security screener and wound three other people.

A review of the incident saw the airport’s security staff criticised for communication lapses.