Alleged thief tries to flee in electric shopping trolley, say police

Louisiana man detained after being arrested in vehicle that can only travel at a few miles per hour

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A electric shopping trolley may not make the best get-away vehicle.

That was the conclusion of officials in Louisiana after a man was detained while allegedly trying to flee from a supermarket where he is accused of stealing $73 (£49) of items.

Police in the town of Eunice said said Daniel Gaspard, 45, stole electronics, a half-gallon of vodka, an Adidas sun visor and a TV antenna. He then attempted to leave the Walmart store in a electric shopping trolley designed for the elderly or disabled.

As Mr Gaspard tried to leave, a member of staff spotted him on the shopping trolley, which can only travel at a few miles per hour. He was then traced by police, who had been told to look out for a man riding a shopping trolley KATC TV.

Mr Gaspard has been charged with theft and is being held in police custody.