Alondra Diaz: Girl missing for eight years makes surprise appearance in Mexican court


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A teenage girl - missing from her mother for eight years - at the centre of a heated US-Mexico custody battle, has reportedly made a surprise appearance at a Mexico court.

Alondra Diaz Garcia, 13, was taken from Houston to Mexico by her father Reynaldo Diaz after a US court awarded custody to her mother. Dorotea Garcia, the teen’s mother, has searched for her daughter since her disappearance eight years ago.

Mr Diaz reportedly witnessed footage of a young girl mistaken for Ms Garcia, taken away from her family by officials and taken to the US. Only then had he decided to help his daughter reconnect with her mother in the states.


The girl arrived at the courthouse with three relatives and identified herself as Alondra Diaz, an unnamed court official told the Associated Press.

The 13-year-old spoke with Univision saying that she was “saddened” by the events caused by the events which led to the investigation.

“Yes, I was content with my father, I was happy, but at the same time I felt that something was missing. I have lacked the love of my mother because I have not seen her for so long,” the teen said. “But I also want to be with my father.”


Just last month, Alondra Luna Nunez, 14, was mistaken for Ms Garcia and taken against her will to the US. Judge Cinthia Elodia Mercado, a local justice, refused to carry out a DNA test before sending her to the US.

Ms Nunez was filmed being dragged away from her school by Mexico authorities, igniting outrage by locals after video of the incident was published on social media outlets. Her mother, Susana Nunez, told the AP the case of mistaken identity was a nightmare.

“I hope the authorities simply make sure that this girl is truly her, that they have the right girl,” she said.

Mexican officials will now conduct DNA tests to determine if she is the daughter of Dorotea Garcia.