American teenager takes his great-grandmother to his high school prom

89-year-old Dolores Dennison finally got the chance to attend a high school dance after missing her own

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She is a great-grandmother now, but Delores Dennison has never forgotten the fact that she didn't go to her high school prom.

But the 89-year-old finally got to live out her youthful dream when her great-grandson took her to his own dance at Parkway High School in Rockford, Ohio.

Austin, 19, rang up his elderly relative and insisted that she attend as his date, Fox News reported.

“He was so sweet and adamant about it,” Ms Dennison told the broadcaster.

“I asked him, ‘But are you sure that you wouldn’t like to take one of the young ladies who could get out there and do everything with you?’ He said no. ‘I want you.’”

Austin said he was inspired by his economics teacher, whose older brother had taken his grandmother to prom. Austin recalled that Ms Dennison had missed her own teenage milestone.

“At first she was a bit resistant,” he said.

“I assured her I was serious and she finally said yes. It was my privilege to take her.”

Ms Dennison bought a blue dress for the occasion and Austin bought her a pearl necklace to complete the outfit.

The duo went for a meal beforehand and received a standing ovation upon their arrival at the school. They then danced to Frank Sinatra's "Delores", which Ms Dennison's late husband used to sing to her.

And the great-grandmother said it was a night to remember: “It was wonderful and I just loved all the girls in their fancy gowns and the gentlemen in their tuxedos. It was quite a night. Everyone there just could not have been more polite. Everyone got an A+.”