Video: Heave-ho! Amish people pick up and move house

The footage has gone viral and has been shared over 35,000 times on Facebook

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It’s a bizarre sight to behold and will probably make you do a double take.

A large group of people from an Amish community in Pennsylvania have lifted up a house and moved it to a new location - without the use of any mechanical help.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by user Perry Clabbat, the building is physically picked up by the people, most of whom are inside in house, and put on top of its foundations.

The house was built separately, complete with windows, and it takes a lot of careful shuffling to move the structure to its final resting place. 

Clabbat says: “Have you ever seen 80 Amish pick up a house and move it. Only in Sparty PA.”

The five-minute footage, reportedly in filmed in Spartansburg, has been shared over 35,000 on Facebook since it was posted on 26 March.

Facebook user Michael Torok comments under the video: “Pretty cool. I was waiting for all of them to walk out of the house.”

The Amish are known for their simple living and shunning most forms of modern technology, including restricting their use of electricity.

There are Amish communities across 30 states in America and some in Canada. Pennsylvania has a significant Amish population.