Annie, get your $143,400 ...


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A shotgun used by Annie Oakley, the famous sharp-shooter whose career was the subject of Irving Berlin's musical Annie Get Your Gun, has sold for $143,400 (£92,000) in Dallas.

The hammer-action 12 bore was among 100 personal effects, including Oakley's Stetson hat, personal letters, and photographs, put up for auction by her surviving great grand-nieces. The sale fetched just over half a million dollars.

Oakley, raised in poverty in rural Ohio, became a star of Buffalo Bill's touring Wild West Show in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and was famed for her ability to split a sideways-on playing card with a single shot from a pistol at 90ft. The cards were peppered by further shots as they fell to the ground.

Early cinema owners referred to free tickets as "Annie Oakleys" because of the multiple holes punched in them. She died in 1926, aged 66.