Anthony Weiner, or should I say Carlos Danger? Now you can do a Weiner with the pervy NYC mayoral candidate sexting name generator

The disgraced former congressional representative chose an interesting 'nom de plume,' despite his real name doing the job perfectly

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You already know how to work out your porn star name (Bobo Oxford, here) and there are umpteen other name generators that will give you everything from a new royal identity to your Star Wars character.

But the latest game doing the rounds is working out your own sexting pseudonym, in wake of the latest claims against New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner that he sent explicit messages under the nom de plume Carlos Danger (perhaps he took inspiration from Austin Powers, who famously revealed his middle name was Danger). has already installed a widget that generates your very own risqué sexting alias but, although it asks for your actual name, seems to only randomly generate similar guises, such as Pepe Distress and Rolando Kill. When a reader pointed out that they had entered Anthony Weiner’s name and it came up with something other than Carlos Danger, the website rather wonderfully issued an apology.

However, I propose an alternative route whereby you take the first name of your foreign exchange student at school then add the title of your favourite Michael Jackson album. OK, Ben and Forever, Michael won’t work well but Dangerous, Bad and Invincible all lend themselves nicely. I’m rather pleased with Maria Thriller anyway.

Unfortunately for Anthony Weiner, many have been quick to point out that he actually had a fine sexting name to begin with.