Argentina finds secret junta military files in Buenos Aires

Almost 1,500 files were discovered in an abandoned military wing

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Around 1,500 files classified files have been discovered in Buenos Aires in an abandoned military wing of the Air Force headquarters.

The files date back to years of military rule by the military junta, who led from 1976 to 1983, and named various blacklisted artists and intellectuals.

The junta came to power during a military coup in 1976 after deposing of President Isabel Peron. Gen.Jorge Rafael Videla became the president of the junta, handing power to Gen Roberto Viola in 1981 before the return of a representative democratic government in 1983. Gen. Videla was prosecuted for crimes against humanity and died in May whilst serving a life sentence in prison.

The files also contained transcripts of meetings held by the junta.

Among those banned or subject to censorship for political reasons were folk singer Mercedes Sosa, writer Julio Cortazar, tango musician Osvaldo Pugliese and actress Norma Aleandro, according to the BBC.

Defence Minister Agustin Rossi told a press conference the documents were found on Thursday in binders concealed inside boxes and closets.

“For the first time we have access to documents covering the whole period of military rule,” he said.

“And the material is filed in chronological order and also classified by subject.” The Government is expected to publish the document soon.

Human rights groups allege between 15,000 and 30,000 political dissidents were killed during the period of military rule.